Am 17.09.2016 um 17:51 schrieb Bhangui, Sandeep - BLS CTR:
Our organization BLS owns ( registered with the registrar )  the network 

But if someone  from the Internet [ outside of BLS network )  tries to go to 
"";   it gets redirected to a site in UK called 

so this has *nothing* to do with DNS at all

* someone is calling a server on port 80 with it's *ip-address*
* on that machine listens a webserver on port 80
* that webserver sends a redirect header
* the client follows that redirect header

that's it - go to that machine and look what is redirecting and why it allows calling without a hostname at all (defualt mod_security rule swould forbid that)

but as said: that is not a DNS topic at all
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