On 20.09.16 12:29, Pol Hallen wrote:
I've a quad core 2.4Ghz with standard italian DSL

I tested BIND with either forwarder activated and disactivated

      forwarders {

without forwarder, using dig command, "query time" only on some domains (I tested italian domains - I live in Italy) is 350-800ms, with forwarder almost always is less 100ms (!)

I'd like have my BIND (no forwarder) that works for my lan :-)

how can I optimize BIND speed? (or maybe I've a wrong config?)

what happend if you leave it working (without forwarders) for some time?
BIND should cache frequently used data and provide them quickly.

when you use google forwarder, the main difference is that most of those
data are probably already cached.

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