so simply leave BIND running and see if it's better tomorrow...

On 21.09.16 09:29, Pol Hallen wrote:
seems better today, but how I realize if bind runs correclty? I mean: if the speed of it is normal or if there are lags?

try running dig +trace <host> and see how fast it runs. It should return
in about same time as BIND does (when it doesn't have anything in cache).

It will show you how the recursion works, and you can see where do the lags
come from.
Now I tested some domains, almost all are ok but 2 of these are slow... using @ with these two are fast

Actually I commented:

// forwarders {

but testing, bind keep also 4000/5000ms to resolve a query

forwarders {;

do you forward to yourself???

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