We've recently noticed multiple $TTL values in transferred zonefiles which do 
not exist in the original zonefiles.  They appear to be aggregates of TTLs set 
for individual records and I am definitely a fan of the organized look and feel.

However, I am curious about how they should be interpreted where $ORIGIN is 
concerned.  I just re-read rfc2308 and it states quite simply:
"   All resource records appearing after the directive, and which do not
    explicitly include a TTL value, have their TTL set to the TTL given
    in the $TTL directive. "

My confusion is $ORIGIN basically defines the default origin while reading in 
the file and creates a mini-universe for interpreting records until redefined.  
Would a $TTL after a $ORIGIN be encapsulated by and restricted to records 
within that $ORIGIN block?

My gut tells me no, and to follow the RFC literally (or loosely stated "from 
this point down") but looking at the file it seems as if the $TTL is intended 
to be for the records within the $ORIGIN only (i.e. it is not reset to global 
value at the end).

I need to investigate this more on my own but I thought it might prove useful 
to ask the group as part of my research.

Thanks in advance,

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