> This is a common point of confusion.  DNS does not transfer
> zoneFILES.  Zone files are read and converted into the
> in-memory tree structure.  Zones are sent in wire format
> from the in-memory tree.  The receiving end populates its
> in-memory tree.  It can then convert the information to
> zone file format, and write it out, but do not expect it
> to look anything like the original zone file. It has no
> idea what the original file looked like, or what order the
> records were in.
> $ORIGIN and $TTL only apply to the zone they are in, so no
> need to reset them at the end of the file since they cease
> to exist at that point.  They apply "from this line down
> until changed" and are merely a convenience to shorten
> the size of the file.
> --
> Bob Harold


Thanks for your response.  Although I was aware the zone data
is transferred in wire-format between nameservers I was
more concerned with the processing of the file when it is
read (i.e. on startup, reconfig, etc.)

We are "lucky" enough to be importing more zones into a DB
backed provisioning system and as bind is getting more and
more strict with each release regarding transfers we have
scrapped our older scrubbing logic and started using bind
to provide this service and couldn't be happier.  Just
wanted to confirm this $TTL logic was exactly as I suspected
before requiring code changes (non-bind).

Thanks again,

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