Prof. Dr. Michael Schefczyk <> wrote:
> The issue is that normal permissions in the key-directory are root:bind
> 0644 for the public key and root:bind 0600 for the private key. The
> issue disappears when setting the private key to 0644 also and that must
> be done before starting bind - before using nsupdate is not enough.
> Do you know if these permissions are standard or a consequence of
> starting DNSSEC via webmin?

By default, `dnssec-keygen` creates private keys with perms 0600, so if
you run it under a different user than `named`, you need to `chmod g+r`.
You might also need to `chgrp`, but I put my keys in a g+s directory.
This is somewhat tiresome. (If webmin has specific support for DNSSEC, I
would expect it to `chmod` if necessary.)

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