Hello guys

Asking for your help, again.


So after setting up DNSSEC I've found I couldn't reach some internal sites
on my top domain, served by internal DNS servers

There's no need in hiding domains as my e-mail is shown here.


Top domain



ubi.pt (external DNS Servers authoritative)


          Internal DNS servers (windows, Active directory - Recursive)







(both authoritative and recursive for my networks)


Previously I had the following to get internal sites resolved, but now it
seems it is completely discarded by dnssec.


zone "ubi.pt" IN {

        type forward;

        forwarders {;; };



Is there any configuration to allow me  to be able to access internal sites
served by internal dns servers, I guess not using DNSSEC?

Can this only be accomplished by adding these entries to my parent domain?



Kind regards

David Carvalho

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