Dear Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce Wildlife Acoustics' new acoustic analysis software, 
Kaleidoscope Pro 4. Previously Kaleidoscope catered mostly to bat researchers, 
but with version 4 we have added  Cluster Analysis which detects similar 
acoustic vocalizations in one or many recordings, and quickly sorts them into 
clusters which can be efficiently reviewed and labeled to identify the species 
present in the recordings. The clusters can also be used to create classifiers 
that can automatically recognize species of interest in other recordings. The 
software suite also includes a spectrogram viewer and a module that allows 
standard noise analysis calculations to be performed on recordings. You can 
learn more or download a free trial to give it a try on some of your recordings 
at the following address:

Kind regards,

Sherwood Snyder, Director of Product Management
Wildlife Acoustics, Inc. <>

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