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Animal Behaviour, Volume 122 e1-e10, Pages 1-228 (December 2016)

Incubating females signal their needs during intrapair vocal communication at 
the nest: a feeding experiment in great 
Original Research Article
Pages 77-86
Ingrid C.A. Boucaud, Mélissa L.N. Aguirre Smith, Pénélope A. Valère, Clémentine 

Call combinations, vocal exchanges and interparty movement in wild 
Original Research Article
Pages 109-116
Isaac Schamberg, Dorothy L. Cheney, Zanna Clay, Gottfried Hohmann, Robert M. 

A gain control mechanism governs the weighting of acoustic signal intensity and 
attractiveness during female 
Original Research Article
Pages 197-205
Eileen Gabel, Pinar Vural, Lars Mariot, R. Matthias Hennig

Ethology Volume 122, Issue 12 Pages i-i, 923-1008 (December 2016)

No bioacoustics articles in this issue

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