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The Discovery of Sound in the Sea (DOSITS; www.dosits.org) project provides 
accurate scientific information related to underwater sound at levels 
appropriate for all audiences, including regulators and decision-makers. 
Related DOSITS products include webinars, instructional videos, an interactive 
eBook, and online tutorials, all with links to the peer-reviewed content on the 
DOSITS website.

This brief survey will help evaluate the use of use of professional development 
resources by regulators and decision makers. Participation in the survey will 
also help improve available resources and direct future resource development.

All members of the regulators and decision maker’s community that deal with 
underwater acoustics are encouraged to complete this survey. The survey is 
anonymous and no personal data will be collected. The survey should take about 
15 minutes to complete.

To complete the 2017 Assessment of DOSITS Resources for the International 
Decision-Making Community, please follow this link: 

This survey is being conducted by the DOSITS team at the University of Rhode 
Island. This research has been approved by The University of Rhode Island 
Institutional Review Board. If you have questions, please contact Chris 
Knowlton (cknowl...@uri.edu).

Holly Morin
Marine Research Associate III
University of Rhode Island
Graduate School of Oceanography

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