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The deadline for abstract submission to Society for Tropical Ecology meeting 
has been extended to January 12, 2018. 
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Dear bioacousticians, 

The Society for Tropical Ecology organises its annual meeting in 2018 in Paris, 
March 26-29: 
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There will be a session dedicated to Audio and video monitoring you might find 
interest in (see the Abstract pasted below) . 

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Audio and video monitoring of tropical animal diversity: new insights and new 

Jérôme Sueur, Alice C. Hughes, Patrick A. Jansen 

Monitoring animal diversity is a key challenge of tropical ecology, as getting 
reliable information on 
species ecology in a standardised manner across space and time is challenging. 
Furthermore the 
rarity of some species and challenging landscapes and ecosystems can make 
direct observations and 
captures difficult. Yet understanding species distributions, their populations 
and their movements and 
the communities or landscape they belong to is essential information to not 
only understand their 
ecology bit also to ensure they are adequately protected into the future. 
However, recent noninvasive techniques based on audio and video autonomous 
sensors open the 
possibility to sample tropical environments over large areas and long time 
periods in a consistent and 
reliable manner. Such digital data acquired remotely and automatically returns 
valuable information on 
animal behaviour, animal distribution, animal community composition, and even 
landscape structure. 
In this session, we will report the most recent finding in terms of audio and 
video monitoring and 
discuss about the possible challenges in terms of data collection, sampling 
design, supervised and 
unsupervised automatic identification of species, and ecological indices. We 
will also show that these 
data can be used as an attractive media to raise public awareness about 
tropical diversity and 
conservation. We will aim to conclude the session with a presentation of the 
integration of these 
different types of techniques to obtain a holistic understanding of the 
potential of these technologies. 

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