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Discovery of Sound in the Sea (DOSITS) Book II: Science of Underwater Sound 
<https://dosits.org/book/> is a new, interactive electronic book (eBook) that 
contains high-resolution imagery, videos, and sound files. It utilizes 
existing, peer-reviewed DOSITS content to provide a condensed electronic 
resource that focuses on the fundamental science of underwater sound, sound 
movement, and sound measurement, as well as advanced content. Several topics in 
the book are areas of active scientific research; new information will be 
integrated into the eBook as peer-reviewed publications become available. 

The content in this book is based on the DOSITS project, including its website, 
www.dosits.org. DOSITS content is based on well-understood scientific 
principles, peer-reviewed literature, and high-quality scientific data. 
Independent, scientific experts, who specialize in underwater acoustics, have 
reviewed all DOSITS content. The DOSITS project keeps its content as up-to-date 
as possible, incorporating new research findings twice a year.

The book is available in the iTunes store 
 for macOS, iPad, and iPhone.  To view sample pages and access the book via an 
iTunes link, please visit the DOSITS website at www.dosits.org/book/.   
Information and an iTunes link for Book I: Importance of Sound in the Sea can 
also be found on this page.

Questions?  Please contact Holly Morin (holly_mo...@uri.edu)

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