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we are pleased to announce and invite you to participate in the following 
symposium, to be held as part of the 9th European Conference on Behavioural 
Biology (ECBB) (Liverpool, UK, 9-12 August 2018): “Acoustic signatures in 
animal vocalisations”

Organizers: Dr. Livio Favaro, Department of Life Sciences and Systems Biology, 
University of Turin, Italy ( 
<>); Dr. Marco Gamba, Department of Life Sciences 
and Systems Biology, University of Turin, Italy ( 
<>); Dr. Marina Scheumann, Institute of Zoology, 
University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Hannover, Germany 
( <>)

Symposium description:  Vocal communication is widespread in vertebrates and 
vocalisations have the potential to encode a variety of information, including 
the species, population, and geographical location of the emitter. When looking 
more in detail at the content of the vocal signals, these often also contain 
acoustic cues to individuality, sex, age, body size and even emotional status. 
Such acoustic signatures can be encoded in vocalisations using universal voice 
cues, related to the physical features of the signaler, modulation of spectral 
characteristics over time, which requires fine control of the vocal organs, or 
the combination of vocal units into meaningful biological sequences. Studying 
acoustic signatures in vocalisations can allow a better understanding of 
species’ evolutionary history, behavioral ecology as well as investigating the 
sexual and social sources of selection acting on both signalers and receivers. 
This symposium will explore new approaches and directions in the field of 
sensory ecology. It will focus on comparison across species, with contributions 
focusing on different taxa and several modalities to encode acoustic signatures 
in vocalisations. Finally, it will explore how recent advances in sound 
recording and signal processing allow a far better investigation of the content 
of animal calls. Such technological improvements also open novel scenarios for 
tracking individuals or populations using sounds.     

Deadline for submission of abstracts: April, 27th 2018

For more info on the conference please visit: 

We look forward to seeing you in Liverpool.

Best wishes,
Livio, Marco, Marina

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