I am happy to announce that the evaluation campaign on Detection and 
Classification of Acoustic Scenes and Events DCASE 2018 is now open. The 
challenge will include the following tasks:

1) Acoustic scene classification
2) General-purpose audio tagging of Freesound content with AudioSet labels
3) Bird Audio Detection
4) Large-scale weakly labeled semi-supervised sound event detection in domestic 
5) Monitoring of domestic activities based on multi-channel acoustics

Please find the task descriptions, challenge instructions and rules, and links 
to data (except data of Task 1 which will be released in few weeks) on the 
challenge web page


Baseline methods for the tasks will be added in one or two weeks. The tentative 
schedule of the challenge is as follows:

29th Mar: release of detailed task specifications, development datasets
6th Apr release of baseline systems
30th Jun: release of evaluation datasets
31st July: challenge submission deadline
15 Sep: challenge results
November: DCASE workshop in Surrey, UK

Welcome to participate!

On the behalf of the DCASE Organizers,
Tuomas Virtanen

Tuomas Virtanen      Tampere University of Technology
tuomas.virta...@tut.fi    +358401981308

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