The Subcommittee on Ocean Science and Technology (SOST), which is a partnership 
between the Office of Naval Research, Chief of Naval Operations N45, the Bureau 
of Ocean Energy Management, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric 
Administration, and the Marine Mammal Commission, is interested in funding 
research pertaining to the development of audiograms for mysticetes.  The 
Living Marine Resources (LMR) program, at the Naval Facilities Engineering and 
Expeditionary Warfare Center, is leading the solicitation process and is 
requesting pre-proposals for this topic. Details regarding the need topic can 
be viewed within the official Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) N39430-18-S-2067 
and associated Appendices at,, or at There is no specific format 
required for the pre-proposal, however, the information required in the 
pre-proposal is outlined in Appendix A of the announcement. The pre-proposal 
should be consolidated into one single file and should not exceed 10 pages in 
length. All pre-proposals should be submitted via email to Pre-proposals for this topic will be accepted until 
11:59 PM PST on 31 August 2018.

If invited, offerors will be asked to submit a full proposal. Pre-proposals and 
full proposals will be shared with SOST representatives from each of the 
Federal agencies/entities listed above, in order for them to provide input on 
funding selections. Additionally, pre-proposals and full proposals evaluated 
through this BAA may be used to execute contracts or grants directly with the 
other Federal agencies/entities, separate from the LMR program.

Anu Kumar
Program Manager
Living Marine Resources Program

Mandy Shoemaker
Deputy Program Manager
Living Marine Resources Program

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