On Mon, Sep 19, 2016 at 11:04:29AM +0100, Justin Cattle wrote:
> I *think* I have answered my own question.  The patch in the email doesn't
> include the switch to xmalloc that was originally in
> the krt-export-filtr-fix branch as well.
> I can see from `git blame` that it's in the previous commit,
> bc00f058154bb4a630d24d64a55b5f181d235c63  [ Filter: Prefer xmalloc/xfree to
> malloc/free ].

This patch is irrelevant to the problem (although it was in the
krt-export-filtr-fix branch). You can skip it.

> Or else advise the best way to patch against the current release ?

You could use just a290da25a16b7c79d4a7a87f522b4068bca04979 or you
can use whole master branch from git (where it is merged).

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