Toke Høiland-Jørgensen <> writes:

> This adds support for source-specific IPv6 routes to Bird core. This is
> based on Dean Luga's original patch, with the review comments addressed.
> Sadr support is added to network address parsing in confbase.Y and to
> the kernel protocol on Linux.
> A couple of issues remain with this patch:
> - Had to change the default addr_type in rt_setup() to NET_SADR_IP6 to
>   get the kernel 'learn' mechanism to work.
> - Not sure if the logic in net_route_sadr_ip6() is right.
> - The config parser barfs on sadr route literals in the static protocol
>   with an "Integer expression expected" error message.
> - There's no way to mix source-specific and non-source-specific routes
>   (i.e., sadr tables cannot be connected to non-sadr tables).

BTW, I'm sending this with these issues unresolved because I'm hoping to
get some feedback on how best to resolve them; just in case that wasn't
clear... ;)


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