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* 07/28/2016
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  Hotline: Buffalo Bird Report at the Buffalo Museum of Science
  Date:             07/28/2016
  Number:           716-896-1271
  To Report:        Same
  Compiler:         David F. Suggs
  Coverage:         Western New York and adjacent Ontario
  Website:          www.BuffaloOrnithologicalSociety.org

  Thursday, July 28, 2016

  The Buffalo Bird Report is a service provided by your
  Buffalo Museum of Science and the Buffalo Ornithological
  Society. To contact the Science Museum, call 896-5200. Press
  the pound key to report sightings before the end of this

  AMERICAN AVOCETS were the highlight of reports received July
  21 through July 28 from the Niagara Frontier Region.

  AMERICAN AVOCETS continue on the Lake Erie shore, at the
  Main Street beach at Dunkirk Harbor. Previously reported 15
  AMERICAN AVOCETS on the 14th, and recently, 6 AMERICAN
  AVOCETS on the 25th. Also a WILLET on July 22. SEMIPALMATED
  PLOVER and SEMIPALM. SANDPIPER also on the beach during the
  past week.

  There will be a BOS field trip along the Lake Erie shore of
  Ontario on Sunday, July 31. Meet at 7 AM at Vermont and
  Busti, near the Peace Bridge in Buffalo. The destination
  will be Rock Point Provincial Park in Dunnvile, Ontario. The
  trip will explore the lakeshore and sod farms for
  shorebirds. There is an entrance fee at Rock Point, proper
  ID is required to cross the international border, bring a
  lunch, and visitors are always welcome on BOS trips.

  The Bird Report will be updated Thursday evening, August 4.
  Please call in your sightings by noon Thursday. You may
  report sightings after the tone. Thank you for calling and

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