Wildlife Preservation Canada would like express our gratitude to everyone who 
was involved in the 2016 Eastern Loggerhead Shrike field season through 
surveying and reporting sightings.  Your efforts greatly enhance those of our 
field staff; reports are very important for establishing accurate population 
counts and for determining migration routes. 

The sighting of a banded Loggerhead Shrike on Gull Island in Presqu’ile 
Provincial Park this week is a great reminder to keep an eye out for birds as 
they make their southward migration.  A whopping 105 captive-bred juveniles 
were released in to the wild this year, so there are plenty of birds to spot!  
A detailed summary of season results will be posted in October, but in the 
meantime, if you spot a shrike, please let me know.

Birds may be banded, either with a single metal band on the left leg 
(indicating it’s a bird that is also carrying a radio tag), or with a metal 
band and a combination of colour bands.  Please take some time to get a good 
look at the legs of any shrikes spotted if you can, and note any bands seen.  
This year will be especially challenging, as we had to include grey colour 
bands in the mix, to ensure we had enough individual combinations for all the 
birds.  Note that any birds released this year with colour bands will have 
either YELLOW over SILVER, or SILVER over YELLOW on the left leg.

Thank-you again for volunteering your time to the recovery effort for this 
critically endangered bird.  If you are interested in participating in the 
Adopt-A-Site Program next season or would like more information, please contact 

Happy birding!

Lead Biologist - Eastern Loggerhead Shrike Recovery
Wildlife Preservation Canada
5420 Hwy 6 North, RR#5 
Guelph ON N1H 6J2

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