>From : Tim Mccarthy via Ontbirds.

Thanks to all who agreed to go out today and try and find some Broadwinged 
Hawks. Its like the Gods of Raptorwatching said we should all stay home today 
because, instead of behaving like my cocka-mamey theory, the Broaddies are 
doing this year what they should be doing which is pouring through the North 
Shore routes when the weather gives Northwest winds, just like nothing unusual 
ever happens. Never mind, I'll be here next year and so will you.

The cheerfulness in the face of dire adversity award goes to Kai Millyard who 
went out to see Broaddies even though he knew there wouldn't be any. And the 
first prize if there was one should surely go to Deirdre and Robert Bean who 
went out to see Broadwings at Beechwood Cemetary, Jane and Steeles, and 
actually managed to see them. Well, one, anyway. Good place for the little guys 
to get hunkered down before the rains came, I guess.

Tomorrow looks like it might be a little birdier so anyone who doesn't go out 
for  the Durham annual bird bash or the Hamilton Lakeshore outrageous yeager 
watch can please join me at High Park. There are some folks coming out to the 
Hill tomorrow for the very first day of The High Park Raptor Watching School! 
I'd rather see them than a truckload of Eagles.

 I was there today of course and was entertained for hours by 2 of our stalwart 
residents. Robbie the Rotten resident Redtail sat up in the Old Oak all morning 
entertaining both me and a small group of heckling Goldfinches, Woodpeckers and 
squirrels. He even dropped me a feather to stick in my hat (along with a lot of 
more disgusting stuff.) And Minnie Cooper skulked around through the treetops 
making sure all the other accipiters kept moving along except there weren't any.

Normally I wouldn't write anything about a Raptorwatch like today, but after 
all, it was supposed to have been the LInear Watch Day, though there wasn't 
really a need for it and what actually happened there on the Hill  was so dumb 
it was entertaining.

A better day is coming.

Good luck and Happy Hawking,


Hawk Hill, and the Raptor Watching School, are conveniently located right next 
to the Grenadier Restaurant Parking lot so you get good eats, a place to park, 
go to the loo and above all learn to be a good Raptor Watcher.
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