Around 4 p.m. on September 17, while visiting Belleville, I believe I may have seen as many as 6 Wilson's Phalaropes on the western side of the river across from Market St. The birds were very small relative to the gulls and Mallards (probably no larger than about a Least Sandpiper), primarily white with dark head and beak, and were slowly swimming upstream, frequently spinning around, and very occasionally would get into water among rocks that would be shallow enough for them to stand, but they would soon re-enter the water to begin their spinning antics again. If anyone in Belleville has time to see if they are there again tomorrow, let me know if you are able to get a more positive ID. This would be my first time possibly seeing Phalaropes, so they are not a bird family I know well. They were distant, and I could see only black and white, no real sign of any red/brown, so my guess would be autumn male Wilson's Phalaropes.

Steve Kinsley, RD

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