The previously reported birds were present this afternoon. I found them on
the west side of Thickson point at approximately 1605. Unfortunately at
approximately 1610 the Durham Police bomb squad did a controlled explosion
of ordinance presumably from the old Camp X on the beach. This led to all
birds save 3 brave Mute Swan flying off in a panic.

The birds split into 2 groups going east and west. I got on the group going
west with bins and it appeared to be exclusively Wigeon. Furthermore I
walked the lake side trails as far West as possible and found no sign of
the Brent, but did locate a large group of Wigeon. In the time to walk back
to the point many Wigeon had returned there but no Brent, so I can only
assume they went east.

I don't know this area well but for folks who may search tomorrow if they
do not make their way back to Thickson, I would suggest (no promises of
course) any points of access to the east of here as a starting point.

C.Cheatle, Hamilton
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