Well what a difference a day makes as yesterday's sunshine gave way to rain. 
When we started it was pouring and we almost aborted but thank goodness we 
didn’t for the rain stopped 15 minutes into our walk and didn’t resume until we 
finished after lunch. Seven weather worthy OFOrs joined me along the 
waterfront. We stopped at Corner Marsh in Ajax, Cranberry Marsh, Pringle Creek, 
Lynde Creek and Thickson Point as we searched for lingering birds.

A total of 45 species birds made an appearance. Pipits, a Marsh Wren, a hybrid 
Black-Mallard, some White-winged Scoters and a Semipalmated Plover at Ajax 
brightened our day. The Brant remained elusive today. Two hardy (foolhardy?) 
Monarchs cruised the shore southbound. Nonetheless the weather was kind and the 
participants pleasant. What more can we ask? Thanks to all who attended.

Geoff Carpentier

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