Oh God... here we go again..

> Again, lets remember that you personally proposed a BIP[1] that had the
> effect
> of aiding your ASICBOOST patent[2] without disclosing that fact in your
> BIP nor
> your pull-req[3].
> This is false. The first sentence of the BIP states: "There are incentives
for miners to find cheap, non-standard ways to generate new work which are
not in the best interest of the protocol".

The BIP actually PROTECTS the network from stealth Shared-Nonce mining and
the fact you rejected it made the Bitcoin network LESS secure because now
we just don't know at what extent it is in use.

Shared-nonce mining can be done with or without that BIP/pull-req.

We didn't disclose more in the BIP because it was not clear if shared-nonce
mining (the fact that Bitcoin had a design flaw) would have a negative
affect on Bitcoin price.

ASICBoost patent may be a patent that protects Bitcoiners from mining
centralization: ASICBoost is the only company that at this point showed
interest in licensing the technology. But I do not control ASICBoost nor
the patent so I cannot do anything about it.

I propose we as a community do a crowdfund to try to license it from that
company (or any other that wants to put theirs in the deal) and put all in
public domain.
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