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> I'd suggest saying that "Share alike" is required and "Attribution" is
> optional.

Please note there is no CC license that requires SA and at the same
time has BY as an option.

Generally, I think CC0 is best suited as license for BIPs. If authors
are scared that they won't get proper attribution, they can choose
MIT/BSD or CC-BY. Other than that I don't think that more restrictive
licenses are suitable for BIPs. The BIP repo seems like the wrong
place to promote Open Access (e.g. by choosing a CC-BY-SA license).
BIP 2 allows such licenses, but does not recommend them, which is

I think that BIP 2 in its current form (
@6e47447b ) looks good and addressed the feedback which was
accumulated last year. If there are no objections I'd suggest to move
forward with BIP 2 in the next couple of days/weeks.

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