> "... put a damper on advancing the development of more efficient mining 
> hardware, which is once again desirable to users as it makes the transaction 
> ordering more future proof."

Run on sentence sorry. I meant to say that development of more efficient/mature 
mining hardware sooner is desirable to money owners/traders. So anything that 
could dis-incentivize R&D to mature ASICs would be bad. PoW policy changes 
should be made carefully in order to minimize this hampering effect.

I didn't mean to imply that Gregory Maxwell's current BIP countered/disabled 
both the evident and covert versions of asicboost. I think his BIP is a good 
idea, to quickly release a version that blocks the patented covert 
optimization... and then later we can consider taking steps to further disable 
the patented evident version of asicboost if it becomes a problem.

Praxeology Guy
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