Thanks for the links!

Blocksonly is definitely a relevant piece. However, I’m wondering what are the 
implications, especially at larger scale. For example, transactions processing 
will be not smooth anymore and will happen every 10 minutes at once. Another 
question is transaction propagation.

I think what I’ve proposed does not have those implications. Well, propagation 
is still a concern, but it’s not that extreme. One weakness of my idea is 
relative complexity comparing to blocksonly.

Another variation of the idea I described might work without INVs at all  (then 
N=1 and transactions are relayed through 1 link only, during the time between 
blocks) and it would have the same security assumptions as blocksonly.

Your IBLT and BCH-sets proposals sound very promising. I had something like 
that on mind, but I decided to start with a more conservative protocol.
It looks like sync-relay idea has a lot of interesting questions, I’m excited 
to follow that research.

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> > I have a couple of ideas regarding transaction relay protocol and wanted to
> > share it with and probably get some feedback.
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