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> In general, I'm concerned about the size of the filters making existing
> SPV clients less willing to adopt BIP 158 instead of the existing bloom
> filter garbage and would like to see a further exploration of ways to
> split out filters to make them less bandwidth intensive. Some further
> ideas we should probably play with before finalizing moving forward is
> providing filters for certain script templates, eg being able to only
> get outputs that are segwit version X or other similar ideas.

There is also the idea of multi-block filters. The idea is that light
clients would download a pair of filters for blocks X..X+255 and
X+256..X+511, check if they have any matches and then grab pairs for
any that matched, e.g. X..X+127 & X+128..X+255 if left matched, and
iterate down until it ran out of hits-in-a-row or it got down to
single-block level.

This has an added benefit where you can accept a slightly higher false
positive rate for bigger ranges, because the probability of a specific
entry having a false positive in each filter is (empirically speaking)
independent. I.e. with a FP probability of 1% in the 256 range block
and a FP probability of 0.1% in the 128 range block would mean the
probability is actually 0.001%.

Wrote about this here: https://bc-2.jp/bfd-profile.pdf (but the filter
type is different in my experiments)
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