Hi all

This is a bit offtopic for bitcoin-dev, but I'm sending here since
many core devs are subscribed.

As discussed in last week's meeting, it would be helpful to have an
idea of what times devs are generally available to meet online. With
better data, we could potentially reschedule the weekly IRC meetings
to a time that would exclude fewer people.

I've thrown together a quick poll, please watch for a mail from
c...@cs.cornell.edu and follow the link to vote. To keep it simple,
the day of the week (Thursday) is fixed for now.

The initial list of voters is based on previous meeting participation.
If you regularly attend the weekly meetings (or can't now but may be
able to attend at a different time), but do not receive a link to vote
in the next hour, please reply here or ping me on IRC so that I may
add you.

Polling will conclude at the end of the scheduled IRC meeting on July 19.

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