I think you have correctly identified dealing with small amounts while working 
in the "bitcoin" denomination as a major pain point, and I will go as far as 
agreeing that a standard color coding would help people eyeball what 0.000011 
BTC means if they were used to seeing the same color pallet.

However, I don't think it's a good solution. I strongly suspect very few 
services or wallets are going to be willing to adopt such a thing as it'll make 
their design look ridiculous and it's cumbersome to type.

Furthermore, my experience in using BIP76 (Bits Denomination) in several 
services with people of varying levels of familiarity to be entirely positive, 
and in my strong believe a vastly superior solution that should be advocated 
and used more.

And BTW i think what would help the readability of the "bitcoin" denomination 
more than colors if it was standard to always write it to 8 decimal places 
(e.g. 0.00001100 BTC) which I think is a bit more useful in allowing people to 
eyeball the size.


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> Hi bitcoin-dev@lists.linuxfoundation.org
> Here is my humble attempt to make a contribution to the impressive work that 
> you all are doing.
> I am unfamiliar with the normal BIP procedures. I have therefore just tried 
> to follow the example of BIP 176 by Jimmy Song, in order make something 
> similar. I suggest a universal bitcoin value color scale, for tackling the 
> same decimal problem, as identified by the BIP 176 proposal.
> I have attached the document in three different formats (*.rtf, *.pdf and 
> *.docx) as I do not know your preferred format. I hope you will find my 
> suggestion useful.
> Thank you and all the best
> Martin Damgaard
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