A public testnet is still useful so in articles people could make references to 
these transactions.

Maybe we could have 2 testnets at the same time, with one having a smaller 
block size?

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>> Hi,
>> Testnet is now 1411795 blocks and a full sync is taking atleast 48 hours.
>> Is a testnet reset scheduled in the next release or any reason not to do a
>> reset ?
>> Fast onboarding/lower disk overheads would be  very much appreicated for
>> testing purposes
> Actually I'd advocate the opposite: I'd want testnet to be a *larger*
> blockchain than mainnet to find size-related issues first.
> Note that for testing regtest is often a better alternative, and you can setup
> private regtest blockchains fairly easily and with good control over exactly
> when and how blocks are created.
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