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> -   Re-vaulting transaction. This is where the magic happens. The re-vaulting
>     transaction is signed during transaction tree setup, before constructing 
> the
>     delayed-spend transaction for the parent vault. The re-vaulting 
> transaction is
>     broadcasted when someone wants to prevent a coin withdrawal during the 
> public
>     observation delay period. The re-vaulting transaction spends the 
> delayed-spend
>     transaction outputs. It has a single output with a script created by 
> running
>     the entire vault setup function again. Hence, when the re-vaulting 
> transaction
>     is confirmed, all of the coins go back into a new identically-configured 
> vault
>     instead of being relinquished through the delayed-spend transaction 
> timeout for
>     hot wallet key signing.

As transactions need to be signed in reverse order, it seems to me that there 
is a practical limit in the number of times a vault can be used.
Basically, the number of times we run the vault setup function is the limit on 
number of re-vaultings possible.

Is my understanding correct?

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