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> Hi,
> I'm working as (software) test specialist and run private a full bitcoin node 
> (based upon Raspberry Pi 4).
> I've been trying to figure out the tests performed during 
> installation/upgrade/compilation of the software for the node.
> Is there any overview on what's the (common) test approach, or other stuff. 
> Because the tests on GitHub don't help me that much.
> I'd like to figure out what/how is tested, maybe refine test cases, and try 
> some manual test also, as part of learning.

Hi Niels,

You're probably not getting many answers because this isn't the right
place to ask. The mailinglist is about development of the Bitcoin
protocol and conventions about its usage across multiple applications.
If you want to learn about the Bitcoin Core software and its testing
infrastructure, see https://bitcoincore.org/en/contribute/


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