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> > It should be therefore a top priority to make the UX of connecting my
> mobile LN client to my home full node extremely easy, so that centralised
> services can't improve much on that step. Especially if I already run a
> full node.

There already is an emerging approach for this, called QuickConnect

It is currently offered by BitcoinStandup (both Mac and Linux),
BTCPayServer, Nodl, MyNode, RaspiBlitz full node tools and hardware, and is
used currently by FullyNoded, FullyNoded2, and a couple of other
experimental apps to allow secure connection via Tor v3 from a remote to
your own personal full node.

We know that QuickConnect needs another major iteration and welcome
contributions to requirements and/or proposals for the next version.

We invite you to share your thoughts here.

— Christopher Allen
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