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> Running both Bitcoin and Lightning nodes on clearnet automatically links 
> them, making them easier to attack, whereas running Lightning on Tor does not.
> Of course, they could still be linked by onchain transaction monitoring, but 
> at least this increases the effort to attack, hopefully it becomes marginally 
> less desirable to attack you.
Or makes it easier in fact, correcting what I said in my previous
answer, stating a "yes" for a mixed bitcoin and/or LN node in clearnet
and Tor, with or without different IPs, it's probably not difficult for
the Tor attacker to identify you (for example pinging the nodes with a
new received tx to see who has it in mempool)

Similar to "Deanonymizing the VPN peers"
https://github.com/Ayms/torrent-live, this is not public but the method
uses the clearnet/VPN "mixity" and unexpectedly the more you try to hide
the better you can get deanonymized

The conclusion is always the same: do not use the Tor network for
services it is not designed for
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