Good morning Hilda,

> Hi there,
> I have been assuming Bitcoin system to be well synchronized, including 
> mempools. But after being challenged, I started to think that I actually 
> cannot verify this without knocking the door of every miner in every single 
> second (just a time slice reasonable to me; stop torturing me by asking why). 
> Can anyone share any thoughts with me?

No, definitely not.

There is no good way to limit the amount of transactions someone can push at 
you, except by various heuristics.
Yet those very same heuristics mean that someone with a good knowledge of those 
heuristics can make your mempool desynchronized with that of somebody else.

Fortunately for Bitcoin, it is the blockchain itself that we synchronize on.
People cannot push blocks at you without doing the work of grinding towards the 
difficulty target, thus it is not possible to spam blocks.

TANSTAAGM - There Ain't No Such Thing As A Global Mempool

For this reason, any consensus rule has to refer only to data inside blocks, 
and never to data in mempools, are mempools are ephemeral and not synchronized 
across all nodes.

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