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 I am sorry if this was already brought up in previous threads. If I know
lightning network correctly then HTLC is used to enforce settlements on
blockchain if there is a dispute. Could a person lose money if their HTLC
does not get confirmed in the timeframe or if an older HTLC gets
confirmed first? I see different ways this could happen.

 One, if the blockchain is very saturated with other transactions. The
reason we need lightning network is why it might have troubles with
settlements? Two, competition from a different conflicting HTLC. A newer
HTLC might not get confirmed before an older HTL. Three, denial of service
the lightning router so they never have a chance to send a settlement

I found out about a recent attack technique that sounds like it might be
similar called "flood and loot".

Is this a concern on lightning network? I humbly say that I do not fully
understand all of lightning network yet. I am working to grasp the idea.
These are questions I look to find answer for. Another question I have. I
did read the paper Scalable Funding of Bitcoin Micropayment Channel
Networks. Would channel factories be better and eliminate my concern?

I am sending this to lightning-dev mailing list. I do not see
lightning-dev emails because google recaptcha blocks me from the
subscribe. Please CC me if you reply so I can read it.

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