On Sat, Mar 06, 2021 at 01:11:01PM -0500, Matt Corallo wrote:
> I'm really unsure that three months is a short enough time window that there
> wouldn't be a material effort to split the network with divergent consensus
> rules. 

I oppose designing activation mechanisms with the goal of preventing
other people from effectively exercising self determination over what
consensus rules their nodes enforce.

Three months was chosen because it's long enough to give miners a
reasonable enough amount of time to activate taproot but it's also short
enough that it doesn't delay any of the existing proposals with roughly
one-year timelines.  As such, I think it has the potential to gain
acceptance from multiple current factions (even if it doesn't ever gain
their full approval), allowing us to move forward with rough social
consensus and to gain useful information from the attempt that can
inform future decisions.


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