Hi Prayank,

> On 13 Jan 2022, at 10:13, Prayank <pray...@tutanota.de> wrote:
> I had few suggestions and feel free to ignore them if they do not make sense:
> 1.Name of this fund could be anything and 'The Bitcoin Legal Defense Fund' 
> can be confusing or misleading for newbies. There is nothing official in 
> Bitcoin however people believe things written in news articles and some of 
> them might consider it as an official bitcoin legal fund.

Excellent point. Will come up with a better name.

> 2.It would be better if people involved in such important funds do not 
> comment/influence soft fork related discussions. Example: Alex Morcos had 
> some opinions about activation mechanism during Taproot soft fork IIRC.

Yes. Will think through this and board operating principles we can share 
publicly, which would probably include criteria for how cases are chosen, to 
protect against this board and fund influencing direction.

Open to ideas and suggestions on all.

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