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> Hi Bitcoin Developers,
> > Anyone who runs an unpruned bitcoin node should be capacity-planning their 
> > disk space assuming that in the future blocks will be more full - as demand 
> > for blockspace increases, people will make better use of the space that we 
> > already have and average block weight will trend upwards. If you’re 
> > thinking about how much disk you will need when we have consistently full 
> > blocks, ordinal inscriptions don’t change that number.
> I completely agree with this.

I fully agree with this too. It was a sloppy remark on my part--
thanks for claifying. Underlying my remark was a bit of disgust from
knowing that in the future, a (perhaps large) X number of GB of what
should have been financial data will actually turn out to be something
else entirely. Time/space on the Bitcoin blockchain is a shared
limited resource and should be treated accordingly. We can say "no
worries...the price and demand will sort everything out," but
hopefully we all want Bitcoin to be the best financial tool it can be.

“If the ax is not sharp and he does not make it sharp, then he must
use more strength. Wisdom helps one to do well.”
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