Hi list,

I'm proposing Tuesday 21st February at 18:00, i.e 2 weeks from now for the
4th Bitcoin contracting primitives WG meeting (the third Tuesday of
February month, as done previously).

As mentioned during the previous session, there is an issue if anyone would
like to propose an agenda topic in advance in an open fashion:

I would like to propose 2 topics for this upcoming meeting.

Firstly, ANYPREVOUT / "Eltoo", there has been a work in progress during the
last year for eltoo lightning channels [0]. I think there are still few
high-level open questions around fee-bumping and watchtowers, how the
proposal would benefit other off-chain constructions, how the proposal
works compared to other update mechanisms and a bunch of other things.

Secondly, if there is sufficient interest, setting up an open meatspace
event during S2 2023 or S1 2024. Meatspace events can be a great thing to
accelerate the development pace of contracting protocols. From my
experience in-person whiteboard sessions are highly valuable to sync on
complex subjects and it has been already evoked in the context of this
community process. Ideally, the event would piggyback on some existing
bitcoin conference. And I would see this as complementary to the other
bitcoin engineering meetings we've already scheduled, just open contracting
primitives R&D to a large set of people beyond the usual crowd contributing
already to Bitcoin Core [1].

If we have time remaining, we could listen to everyone blockers in their
contracting primitives/covenant research.

Communication venue is #bitcoin-contracting-primitives-wg on Libera Chat
IRC. Logs of the previous session are available here [2].

If you have any questions or feedback, I'm staying responsive.


[1] In term of janitorial role decentralization, I think it would be
valuable to have the event organization carried on by someone else reliable
other than myself. Contributed to CoreDev Zurich 2021 organisation, so I
can share the operational practices.
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