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The Japanese language list currently defined in BIP39 is not consistent or
uniform, and includes insults to a person's appearance.

ぜんら でぬかえ じゃま ひろゆき ちしりょう
でっぱ どぶがわ ねくら ねこぜ ぱんつ ぷうたろう


Here I would like to make a suggestion about a new Japanese word list.


These beautiful words are from the Saijiki.
The Saijiki is said to have originated in the "Nihon Saijiki" (Japanese
chronicle of the seasons) by Ekiken Kaibara in 1688 (Jokyo 5), published by
Kyoto Nisshindo.
This is a word list with over 300 years of history on word choice.

Please consider including this word list Japanese Seasonal in BIP39.
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