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> Hey everyone,
> Over the years, I have participated in a few conversations about various
> aspects of transactions. Often a chunk of the conversation is spent on
> establishing a shared vocabulary. There are many competing terms—e.g. I can
> think of at least three additional terms that refer to `scriptPubKey`.
> I’ve drafted an informational BIP that proposes terminology for various
> components and aspects of transactions. As some established terms are
> already contradictory, the proposal does not aim for a perfectly consistent
> selection of terms, but rather just to establish a shared vocabulary to
> avoid confusion.
> Draft: https://github.com/Xekyo/bips/pull/1
> Please let me know whether you’d be interested in the creation of such a
> BIP.

I would be interested in such a BIP existing.

I will leave to others the hard work of bikeshedding every single term.


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