Big fan of this. I don't have the technical expertise to suggest much, but I 
think that is a really good start for a foundation of bearer instruments.


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On Friday, April 21st, 2023 at 2:46 AM, Adam Ivansky via bitcoin-dev 
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> Hi all / happy Friday ,
> I would like to propose a BIP for the metadata structure of assets traded on 
> TARO Protocol running on Bitcoin blockchain. A new bip-taro.mediawiki file.
> The BIP for TARO is here 
> does not explicitly talk about the format of metadata of the assets. However 
> this is something we will have to agree on if we are to start trading NFTs, 
> Stablecoins and different synthetic assets such as tokenized stocks / options.
> For the past few months I have been operating a wallet for TARO called 
> Tiramisu Wallet on testnet ( ) and I was able 
> to put together a list of fields that the metadata should have . This is a 
> result of myself testing different use cases for the protocol as well as 
> external users coming in and minting different assets.
> My observation is that users care a lot about the ticker, asset name, 
> description, image representing the asset, info on who minted the asset.
> For this reason I would like to propose a BIP for TARO Protocol asset 
> metadata. I think this should be separate from the TARO BIP as the format of 
> asset metadata might evolve depending on the real-life use cases and what 
> assets end up being minted / traded on TARO.
> I am proposing that the metadata is structured as a JSON stored as a string 
> and that it is formatted as follows:
> {
> "ticker": // [optional] Fungible assets should have ticker
> "type": // Stablecoin | Image | Video | Data ... Type of the asset
> "description": // [mandatory] Short description of the asset explaining how 
> the asset works
> "data": // [optional] Base64 formatted image data. This is the image 
> representation of the asset / an icon representing the asset.
> "hash_data": // [optional] Hash of the data that asset represents
> "external_url": // [optional] External URL to the thing that the asset 
> represents
> "attributes": { // [optional] External URL to the thing that the asset 
> represents
> "collection_name":
> ...
> }
> "minter_info": { // [optional] Information about the entity that minted the 
> asset
> "name":
> "email":
> "phone":
> "telegram":
> "website":
> }
> }
> This was loosely inspired by the standard use by OpenSea 
> only in case of TARO we have 
> less of an incentive to make the metadata small as this data is not written 
> to blockchain directly.
> This is why I think we should start including the actual image data into the 
> metadata.
> Tiramisu wallet is on testnet right now and uses some of these JSON fields.
> Please let me know how you feel about this.
> PS: I am following the manual from here 
> that says my first step should 
> be sending an email to this mailing list .
> Best regards,
> Adam Ivansky
> Founder of Tiramisu Wallet
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