Short comments:

* What if the SignedReceipt is not received AND the transactions IS posted on 
the p2p. Then you have payed for the goods, but you don't have a receipt. This 
could happen both from malice or system failures.
** Suggestion - sign the invoice with the key to which to send the transaction, 
the proof of payment, equivalent to a signed receipt is then in the blockchain.

This scheme would work both with or without x509, if you want to include x509, 
the message in the invoice could simply be signed by the x509 certificate as 

PRO: Any user can send signed invoices, not only those with a x509 cert.
PRO: No limbo situation with no SignedReceipt
CON: This disables the use of anything but payment to key/address incl multisig 

However, the wast majority of use will anyway be payment to key/address.

Support of general pay to script could be supported through the payment scheme 
proposed earlier by Mike: No non-fee payments are accepted, except in a group - 
i.e. it is up to the merchant to generate the final transaction incl the fees, 
and that one could be to a general script. This also keeps the support of pay 
to general script needed for a client to a minimum.



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