On 17/11/13 01:42, Timo Hanke wrote:
> p.s. The question about auditing entropy would only apply to the generator,
> not the wallet. Is it yet documented how Trezor proves that external
> entropy was used? 

We'll probably use the most straightforward way:
a) trezor prints entropy A on a display (probably in hex format, this
step is triggered by sending a special flag in initialize message)
b) trezor receives entropy B from external source
c) trezor creates sha256(A + B) and uses that as a seed
d) trezor prints used seed on a display (probably in BIP39 format)
e) user can check on a trusted computer that everything was ok

(note that steps b-d are the same regardless of whether the special flag
was set)

Best Regards / S pozdravom,

Pavol Rusnak <st...@gk2.sk>

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