Yeah but that sounds pretty much like test-net and starts a new digital
scarcity on an alpha-qa level network, with an implied promise that maybe if
you're lucky your coins might survive the alpha testing and have some value.

I'm not talking about some slightly stabler version of test-net.

Probably bitcoin staging is the wrong name.  I mean like development of
bitcoin 1.x in parallel with bitcoin 0.x which includes like test net for
both, and strong (though maybe not quite as high) assurance of qa and care
as bitcoin 0.x.  Just as a way to get features like Mark Freidenbach's
freimarket script extensions, and some of the disabled scripts validated on
1.x testnet and then after rigorous testing deployed onto 1.x  Because they
are new features even with good testing that introduces non-zero risk, hence
the 1 way peg idea.  Welcome to suggest better names for the idea...

Of course maybe the other issue is insufficient people with the skills and
motivation to support two parallel efforts.

It gives somewhere to code and test and then deploy clearly useful things
but that dont warrant a hard fork.


Melvin wrote:
>   I think there may be a simpler way to do this.
>   Create a new genesis block for a staging network, but in all other
>   aspects, as far as possible, keep the properties the same as bitcoin.
>   Do not actively be opposed to it being traded, but people need to know
>   that, although there is no intention to reset the chain, new and
>   potentially not fully tested, changes can be rolled into the network.
>   Anyone mining staging coins should be prepared for the value to go to
>   zero.
>   Perhaps also a "straw poll" voting system could be set up for those
>   that own staging coins could sign messages saying which patches they
>   would like to test out next.  When patches are stable in the staging
>   area, they could be "promoted" to the main net ...

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