Timestamping ("proof of existence") doesn't need a coin at all. Just collect 
all the hashes you need timestamped into a PoE merkle tree and add that to the 
merged mining MT. It's pretty simple and straightforward, just needs someone 
to implement it.

On Saturday, June 15, 2013 12:09:09 AM Dennison Bertram wrote:
> Have your seen 'proof of existence'? It's basically a bitcoin notary
> service that proves a document existed before it gets inserted into the
> blockchain. While a good idea- you could argue that it's blockchain spam
> as well- especially if one were to adapt it to high volumes in the future
> for notarizing permanently things like tweets (for example) or combining
> it with something like colored coins. These are great ideas, but maybe
> better suited to a proto bitcoin without needing to fashion a brand new
> coin.

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