Some really nice efforts out there to map and analyze the bitcoin P2P  

The current protocol apparently recommends returning up to 2500 addresses  
 from 'getaddr'. I'm not sure how much clients are expected to probe the  
address space in order to select 'far-apart' peers, or how much such an  
process would even attempt to achieve.

How much does it matter if the ability to discover the entire network of  
peers is fast or slow? There are probably pros and cons to both.

Is there any thought to how existing bitcoin node relations, and the ease  
at which peers can be discovered, becomes a service in itself, or even  
possibly a vulnerability?

Are there any past instances of applications hijacking or interfacing with  
the exiting p2p messages, or abusing 'getaddr' functionality? Are there  
any guidelines on this, or should there be?

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