On 1/4/14, David Vorick <david.vor...@gmail.com> wrote:
> If you have the resources to attack one of the bigger altcoins, you
> probably have a significant investment in the cryptocurrency space, and a
> significant interest in protecting it. Compromising even something like
> dogecoin would cause a lot of questions to be raised and likely drop the
> value of bitcoin as well as all the cryptocurrencies using the same work
> function as dogecoin.
> Right now, there's very little benefit to attacking a significant currency,
> because it would be very expensive and likely traumatize the whole system.
> Unless it's some power like the NSA, I don't think there's much to worry
> about.

The launch thread says it clear: "very scrypt, such random, much
profit, wow, many coin".
So it seems that Dogecoin doesn't use SHA256 like Bitcoin, but scrypt
like most of the other scamcoins.
Anyway, I don't see anything in your comment in favor or against
merged mining...

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